The Book Is Released!

After a long process of writing, editing, and reviewing, the book has finally been released. We’d like to thank Pragmatic Programmers for their nurturing support and help getting us from concept to completion.

Here are some helpful links for those of you working with the book:

Errata: If you find errors, please let us know by submitting errata. We want to fix these issues, but obviously we missed them in our tech review.. If they are in the source code at github, please submit an errata and feel free to provide a pull request. Be sure that you are working in the correct branch of the repository for the chapter you are correcting.

Forums: You can particpate in The Rails View forums at the Pragmatic Programmer’s site

Topic Suggestions: The View Layer is constantly changing and we couldn’t possibly cover everyone’s desired topics in 250 pages. If there’s a topic that you had wished we covered in the book, please let us know by filling out the contact form and we’ll try to put a post or an article about it here on the site.

Thanks again for reading the material and we look forward to interacting with you to make a better View layer in Rails!